Palm Beach Fishing Charters
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Palm Beach Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Sport fishing is a popular activity among Palm Beach locals and visitors that dates back over a century. The sub-tropical climate means there are fish to be caught every month of the year. We catch sailfish, wahoo, dolphin, blackfin tuna, cobia, kingfish, snapper, grouper and amberjack all within sight of the beach which makes Palm Beach a unique sport fishing destination. A 20 minute ride from the dock and we will have lines in the water fishing. The offshore deep water canyons offer excellent daytime swordfishing. Click this link to see our recent catch pics!


Palm Beach is located in the middle of "sailfish alley"... a notoriously 'fishy' stretch of shallow coastal water that lies between Stuart and Miami where the 'spindlebeaks" congregate every fall. Sailfish season starts just before Thanksgiving and runs until the end of April. However Palm Beach has a resident sail fish population that can be caught year round. Sail fishing in Palm Beach means flying kites with live bait. Sailfish are picky eaters with excellent eye sight and because of this live baiting sails with kites is very effective. Our team makes the rounds fishing the pro sailfish tournament circuit during season so you've come to the right place if you're looking for a sailfish charter.

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin in the 100-400# range are not uncommon in the Florida Straights during the summer. They are sometimes encountered in deep water while looking for dolphin or wahoo. Trolling large bridled live baits or big artificial lures often does the trick. July through October are prime months to head out and target them. In our opinion the blue marlin is the top prize of Florida sport fishing.


We at the PBFCo. are wahoo fanatics! So much so that we offer a trip solely targeting this tiger striped demon of speed. These trips focus on the early morning first light and the late evening sunset when the chances of catching wahoo go up significantly. Wahoo is one of the most sought after fish due to it's food quality. Wahoo fishing is usually best around the summer full moon. If you want a piece of this action request one of our special hi-speed wahoo trips.

Daytime Swordfish

15 - 20 miles off the coast of Palm Beach are the swordfish grounds. During the day swordfish are down 1500-2000’ deep feeding. Since commercial long lining for swordfish in the Florida Straight ended in 2001 the declining population has seen a big resurgence. Because of the extreme depth daytime swordfishing is done with electric reels. We use twelve pounds of lead to get the bait down to the bottom. The biggest swords are usually caught during day trips. It’s not unusual to fight a swordfish for 45 minutes for every 100 pounds of body weight. They are extremely fast swimming and aggressive fish. In my opinion swordfish makes the best table fare of any fish. So good that it was almost eaten into extinction!

Dolphin, Cobia, Blackfin, Skipjack, & Kingfish

Dolphin are caught all year long and will swallow anything they think they can fit in their mouth. They are aggressive fighters and flash brilliant blue, yellow and green colors. Blackfin tuna show up in strong numbers in the spring and range in size from 5-45 pounds. Cobia are common in the area year round but the best time is from early spring until late fall.

Grouper, Snapper, Amberjack

On the offshore reefs, wrecks and ledges you'll catch jacks, snapper and grouper, among other species. Get a big amberjack or grouper to hammer your bait and hold on because you're in for a brutal fight. These reef dwellers fight an unrelenting battle and they will quickly earn your respect. Grouper and snapper both make excellent table fare.

Light Tackle

We use light tackle on our charters consisting of 20-30# test line and lightweight rods and reels.

Blackfin fishing rods are our rod of choice. We tested over a dozen models looking for the right action for live bait fishing. We selected two different fast action models for our 20# and 30# setups. We paired these rods with Fin-Nor Marquesa Pelagic 40 high speed lever drag reels.

All our rod and reel setups can be used standing up using a fighting belt but we have a fighting chair if that's you're preference.


The best way to get in contact us is by phone @ 561-601-1161. The second best way is by e-mail form on our Contact page. You can read our cancellation policy on our Policies & FAQ page.

Charter Rates

We only offer private charters consisting of members of your party. We do not organize groups. The following rates are for the boat with up to 6 people in your party.

  • 4hr - $750
  • 6hr - $1,150
  • 8hr - $1,450
  • 8hr Swordfish - $1,800
  • Bahamas charters - Please Call
  • Gratuity - A 20% crew gratuity is the norm in the charter business if you receive exceptional service. By definition a gratuity is never required but always appreciated. We do not accept gratuity on credit cards so please have any gratuity payable in cash.

    Vessel Capacity

    • 6 guests maximum. No exceptions!

    What's Included

    • All fishing tackle
    • Fishing permits
    • Bait including ballyhoo for trolling, and squid for bottom fishing.
    • Bottled water
    • Fish cleaning and bagging.

    Fishing Tackle

    • Reels: Fin-Nor, Van Staal.
    • Rods: Blackfin.
    • Swordfishing: Lindgren-Pitman S-1200 reel and wishbone rod.
    • Equipped for trolling, vertical jigging, live bait kite fishing, bottom fishing, day/night swordfishing & deep dropping.

    Live Bait

    We offer the option of purchasing live bait. How you handle live bait after you catch it is very important. That's why we take the time to catch our own and keep them in pens for at least one week ensuring they are healthy, eating and active. It's common for charter boats to re-use leftover bait from previous charters that have already been hooked and beat up by the boat ride. That's not fresh bait... that's almost dead bait and sailfish will pass them up. You're paying for premium quality live bait and that's what we deliver. You're not charged a premium either. We sell our bait for regular market price. Charters offering "live bait included"... good luck with that! Our live bait prices are...

  • Goggle eyes $80 per dozen
  • Blue runners/threadfins/sardines $65 per dozen
  • Provisioning

    We will provision the boat with your choice of food & beverages for a $50 fee plus the cost of the provisions. We can get you anything you can think of such as seafood and deli platters, fresh cut fruit, deli subs, seafood salad, beverages etc. Your provisions will be onboard when you arrive! Please supply us with a list at least 24 hours in advance.

    Shipping Your Catch

    What are you going to do with all the fish you catch? In addition to cleaning we'll vacuum seal it, pack it in an insulated box and ship your fish overnight delivery for a $75 fee. If your still on vacation we'll hold it until you tell us to ship it. Customers are responsible for shipping costs.

    Multi Boat Charters

    Planning a corporate event birthday or bachelor party for a large group? We are experienced in putting together multi boat events. We only deal with the most reputable boats and crews and submit to you each boat with pics and info for your approval. Our provisioning service will also provision each boat with whatever you request.

    Forms of Payment

    We accept cash and all major credit/debit cards so you can fish now and pay later. 3% transaction fee applies to all credit/debit transactions. This sucharge is kept by the credit card company.