Policies & FAQ’s

Why choose the Palm Beach Fishing Co. ?

Premier Charter Group LLC. is the corporate owner of the Palm Beach Fishing Co. and we’ve been in the fishing and luxury yacht charter business since 2003. We are without question the busiest private fishing charter operation in Palm Beach because we’ve built a reputation of delivering an experience as depicted here on our site.

We understand that for some this might be the only chance in their lifetime to get out and make an honest attempt at catching a billfish, tuna or wahoo. We understand the responsibility we have to get it right.

You’ll be fishing with a professional sailfish tournament crew. Captain Chris Recchio and first mate Rudi Hasselbauer have proven themselves in the most rigorous and demanding pro sailfish tournaments in the world. The PBFCO. had the highest standards in mind when assembling our team. We could have chosen anyone. We chose the hardest working, the most deserving, and those with the greatest focus as team members. We have the same desire to catch fish on a charter as we do when fishing tournaments. Every day at Sailfish Marina is an “unofficial” tournament among the charter fleet. We still like to be the high hook at the end of the day… every day.

Maintenance, both mechanically and aesthetically, is performed with an open checkbook.

Our base of operation, Sailfish Marina, is the nicest marina in Palm Beach. With a full service restaurant that will cook your catch, an even free valet parking. Sailfish Marina is the closest marina to the inlet which means less travel time getting to the inlet and more time fishing.

You will find high quality tackle onboard for your charter. The same equipment we fish tournaments with.

We have a life raft and other safety equipment not required by Coast Guard regulation.

We don’t cut corners and that’s how we differentiate ourselves from others. We think you’ll agree that these are good reasons to book your fishing charter with the Palm Beach Fishing Co.

Is the PBFCo. a full time charter business?

The PBFCo. operates 7 days a week 364 days a year (closed Christmas day). We are a full time professional charter operation. Unfortunately in Florida it’s common to buy a boat for personal use, get your captains license, put up a website and call yourself a charter business to offset the costs of personal boat ownership. These operations usually aren’t legal in regards to having the necessary state and federal fishing permits. They more than likely don’t have have a commercial maritime insurance policy with liability coverage to cover you in case your injured. It’s in your best interest to steer clear of these illegitimate charter operators.

What is your reservation policy?

To make a reservation we require a credit card number. We DO NOT charge a deposit. We will only charge the credit card if you fail to cancel your charter in accordance with our cancellation policy.

What is your customer cancellation policy?

November 1st through August 15th, we have a 7 day cancellation policy. You can cancel your reservation one week before your scheduled departure time without penalty. Customers canceling inside of 7 days will be charged 50% of the charter cost. Inside 7 days the captain will cancel a charter only if the weather conditions pose a concern for safety. If we cancel a trip there is no charge. From August 16th through October 31st we have a 3 day cancellation policy which excludes weekends. Our 7 day cancellation policy applies to all weekends year round. Our tournament cancellation policy is 2 weeks. If we can find another guest to fill your spot there will be no charge.

What is your weather cancellation policy?

If the captain decides while leaving the inlet that the weather is a concern for your safety you will return to the dock and there will be no charge.

If you are fishing and the captain has to cancel the charter due to deteriorating weather conditions you will be charged $275 for the first hour and then a prorated amount by the hour for the balance of the charter based on the time you return to the dock.

Fishing is an outdoor activity so please be prepared to be out in the elements. Rain showers are a common occurrence here in FL and we do not cancel trips or return to the dock early because of rain showers. We recommend a rain poncho to keep dry should we encounter showers. Mornings in the winter can be chilly and then warming as the sun comes up. Dress in layers so that you can remove clothes to stay comfortable.

Whats is your sea sickness policy?

Unfortunately we are not able to issue refunds if a customer requests to return to the dock due to motion sickness if the sea conditions are considered safe. If you are prone to motion sickness or are not sure if you might be affected consider taking an over the counter motion sickness medicine according to the directions which usually means the night before your trip. You can also obtain a prescription from your doctor for a Scopoderm patch which has proven to be effective at controlling motion sickness.

Forms of payment accepted?

We accept both cash and all major credit cards. There is a 3% surcharge for using credit cards to cover transaction fees imposed on us by credit card companies. We are a small business and the fees are a burden. We hope you understand.

What happens if we lose a fishing rod overboard?

If a fishing rod goes overboard while you’re holding it then it is you’re responsibility to pay for a replacement… UNLESS you purchased insurance! Rod insurance is $10 per person and covers lost equipment. This insurance does not cover damage due to abuse. Our rod and reel setups cost approximately $750 each. Seems like $10 well spent to us!

Are crew members drug tested?

All our crew members are enrolled in the Maritime Drug Consortium. Employees must pass a pre-hire drug screening. During the calendar year the consortium draws from it’s pool of members individuals who will have to respond to a request for a random drug tests. Our crew members certificates of compliance are kept on board if you wish to see them.

How safe are uninspected charter boats?

Does the charter boat your considering have a life raft onboard? Does it have an EPIRB emergency locator beacon? These are questions you should ask before booking a charter. The code of federal regulations states what minimum safety equipment must be on board to operate within the law.

Life rafts are not required safety equipment if the vessel is operated as an uninspected passenger vessel carrying 6 passengers or less. Life rafts are very expensive to purchase and maintain. They must be inspected and repacked every 3 years. The vast majority of 6 passenger charter boats don’t have a life raft aboard. But we do! Our boat is equipped with Viking RescYou 8 man life rafts. If you need a life raft we think it’s nice to have one handy.

An EPIRB is an emergency locator beacon. If the boat sinks you take the EPIRB into the life raft and activate it. It sends out a signal to satellites overheard relaying your current position to the coast guard. The coast guard knows your exact location and can get help to you immediately. Guess what…. they aren’t required either but we have one of those as well.

SOLAS distress signals. SOLAS stands for “Safety Of Life At Sea”. SOLAS requirements for flares and smoke signals go far beyond what the USCG regulations require. SOLAS signals are much easier to see by rescuers than the ones approved by the USCG. SOLAS signals are not required by the coast guard either but we chose SOLAS signals.

Don’t take for granted that other charters to take your safety as seriously as we do. Some just meet the minimum requirements by law. Some not even that. We go above and beyond what is required because it’s the right thing to do.

Why are there no pics of sailfish on your website?

Removing sailfish from the water is illegal if the fish is going to be released and we always follow the law. But a better explanation is that taking a fish out of the water after the fight increases the mortality rate of fish that are released. The reason we release these fish is so that they may live and reproduce so removing them from the water and decreasing their survivability is counterproductive. During the fight the fish is exhausting it’s energy and depleting it’s blood oxygen then pulled from the water where it can’t breathe. Think running a 500m race crossing the finish line and having your air supply cut off.

When a sailfish is brought aboard improper handling/dropping the fish can damage the fishes scales, muscle and internal organs. Handling it also removes the slime coat which protects the fish from parasites and infections. Seeing pics of sailfish removed from the water for the sake of taking pics is unprofessional and shows little respect for the fish and the law. If they break this easy to obey law how many other laws are they breaking?

Support charter companies that follow regulations. They are enacted for a reason. We choose to take a memorable pic of the happy guest holding an upside down release flag. Upside down indicating a clean release!

Are all the fish in your pictures caught on local Palm Beach charters?

All the fish in our pictures have been caught by the Palm Beach Fishing Co. on local charters out of Palm Beach inlet.  The fish you see in our pics are the fish you can expect to catch on your charter. All our pics are recent and new pics are usually posted 2 or 3 times a week.

Do you support catch & release?

We are strong supporters of catch and release and try to promote the ideology that what you won’t eat should be released. The final decision to keep a fish is always left to the customer unless federal or state laws prevent us from keeping the fish. Three exceptions to this rule are that all sailfish, blue marlin and sharks caught will be released.