“DIRTYFIN” noun \’der-tee-fin\ An outdoor lifestyle brand associated with men and women who actively pursue an outdoor lifestyle and who are possessed by the water and the outdoors.

The DIRTYFIN brand is reserved exclusively for those who actually get out there and get dirty following their passion. Time to start earning your stripes people! Fishing is a learning process. The journey will inevitably include defeats but there will also be victories. We admire anyone who gets out there and gets in the game.

The Palm Beach Fishing Co. and DIRTYFIN are working together to promote the lifestyle we love and live for. Our boat proudly wears the DIRTYFIN name and fin logo across her transom.

So… welcome and we hope you will allow Palm Beach Fishing Co. and the DIRTYFIN lifestyle brand to be part of your outdoor life. For more info about DIRTYFIN or to shop online click the link and check out DIRTYFIN.com

Get out and get DIRTY!